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Prepared with commentary by SSSB, Mcrsftdog, igordebraga

⭠ Last week's report The 9\11 attacks completed 20 years, and "never forget" remains strong. Although the attacks had less views than a recently deceased actor whose best-known work, The Wire, came out a year later, and a tennis player who won a Grand Slam final to make us all feel old, as the two finalists (the other is #5) were born after al-Qaeda hit the United States.

1Emma Raducanu 3,031,991 She lives in and represents Great Britain, was born in Canada, has Romanian and Chinese parents, and had her moment of glory in the United States: two months after a strong Wimbledon showing, this tennis player won the US Open at just 18! And it's even more impressive considering Raducanu is the first Grand Slam champion who came from the qualifiers, and didn't lose a single set in the whole tournament.
2Michael K. Williams 2,910,373 Williams, known for playing Omar Little in The Wire, died on Monday.
3September 11 attacks 2,143,825 The deadliest terrorist attack of all time (which claimed 2,977 lives, excluding the 19 terrorists, and injured 25,000 others) had its 20th anniversary on (well, you can guess the date). The death toll would have been considerably higher if #10 had not been taken back from the terrorists.

Anyway, the 20th anniversary saw numerous commemorations and special programs around the entire globe, to remeber the event that led to America's longest ever war.

4Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings 1,878,697 This film was released on September 3 and continues to makes a lot of money, with positive reviews (which don't always go together), showing that Marvel Studios going on a martial arts route was a good decision (certainly better executed than the Marvel Television attempt Iron Fist).
5Leylah Fernandez 1,801,202 #1's opponent in Flushing Meadows was this equally young Canadian, who along the way ran over seeds two, three, and five, plus former number one Angelique Kerber. (and one of the writers confesses he was more interested in a compatriot of hers in the doubles, at least until tragedy struck the reason why)
6Steve Burns 1,341,515 For the 25-year anniversary of Blue's Clues, the show's host started posting videos in-character, sending many people in a nostalgia frenzy.
7Sarah Harding 1,021,689 Harding, one fifth of the British girl group Girls Aloud, died on September 5 aged 39 of breast cancer. Girls Aloud had 22 to 10 UK hits, as well as six top 10 albums.
8The Matrix Resurrections 902,599 The first trailer for the upcoming Matrix film was released on Thursday. The film, scheduled for release on December 22, will see the return of only one Wachowski sister (Lana) as director. As for the cast, Keanu is still Neo, Carrie-Anne Moss is still Trinity, but Morpheus is now portrayed by Candyman reboot star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.
9Deaths in 2021 888,376 I wish that I could stay forever this young
Not afraid to close my eyes...
10United Airlines Flight 93 835,230 As documented in a 2006 movie, #3 almost ended up worse, as al-Qaeda had hijacked a fourth plane, only the passengers fought to take back control, leading to everyone dying as it crashed in a Pennsylvania field (better there than on Pennsylvania Avenue, or Capitol Hill).
11Avicii 804,158 The Swedish DJ quoted at #9, who was the subject of a Google Doodle on what would have been his 32nd birthday (September 8) had he not commited suicide in April 2018.
12Money Heist 732,691 Netflix released the first part of the last season following Spanish thieves.
13Cristiano Ronaldo 698,704 The best-known son of Madeira finally made his return for Manchester United, scoring two goals against Newcastle at Old Trafford.
14Simu Liu 617,395 The star of #4, who the internet discovered as being a former stock photography model.
15Casualties of the September 11 attacks 611,686 265 on the four planes (including the 19 terrorists), 2,606 in the World Trade Center and the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon. A very sad day.
16What If...? (TV series) 540,189 This time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe animated anthology series went zombies.
17Blue's Clues 534,070 A Nickelodeon show that for a decade stimulated its young viewers to figure out clues regarding an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue, at the behest of a host - #6 for six years, Donovan Patton (pictured) on the rest.
18Olivia Munn 521,954 A former G4tv host turned actress (including action turns in X-Men: Apocalypse and The Predator), Munn announced she's expecting a son with comedian John Mulaney.
19Cinderella (2021 film) 511,176 Prime Video released this jukebox musical version of the classic fairy tale. The internet was soon aghast with it, as among other things it has horrifying imagery involving James Corden (once wasn't enough?!) to how Camila Cabello (pictured) doesn't sound like singing is her day job.
20Shang-Chi 505,894 The main character of #4, played by #14. The Master of Kung Fu debuted in 1973 and was originally Fu Manchu's son, but the movie makes him instead descend from The Mandarin.
21Jean-Paul Belmondo 494,341 French president Emmanuel Macron eulogized this actor as a "national hero" as Belmondo passed away at 88, following a long career only stopped by a stroke, that included working with Jean-Luc Godard and other big names of the French New Wave, and always dening Hollywood's requests to make an American film.
22Sidharth Shukla 490,575 India continues to mourn this actor\Bigg Boss winner who died at just 40 of a heart attack.
23All Out (2021) 474,907 All Elite Wrestling, a relatively new wrestling league, held its first post-lockdown pay-per-view show on September 5. This show was the AEW debut of f.k.a. Ruby Riott; the WWE owns the rights to the "Riott" name, so she has to now go by "Ruby Soho."
24The Wachowskis 460,037 The Matrix was credited to The Wachowski Brothers. By 2016, the siblings had both gone through gender transition to be Sisters instead. And aside from V for Vendetta and Sense8, their post-Matrix career was not very stellar. No wonder one of them, as both started working separatedly, felt like returning to the digital world (#8).
25John Mulaney 449,844 Keeping off the list the mastermind of 9/11 is the comedian who is having a child with #18.


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